Available types of constellations

Systemic constellations are an energy method that can solve different issues regardless of the system they belong to.

Systemic constellations

Systemic constellations workshops present and resolve different issues such as interpersonal relationships and personal, health, and financial issues, as well as many others, and find answers to many questions. Systemic constellations are broader and more comprehensive than family constellations because they centre on energy flow disturbances and energy blockages.

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Family constellations

Family constellations can present and resolve various issues such as relationships with parents or spouses, love issues, personal issues, trauma-based issues, and many others. The root and causes of family issues very often lie deep in the past and repeat themselves through generations.

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Meta constellations

I transposed the knowledge and experience accumulated over my years of experimenting into my constellations style, which I later named Meta constellations and which I use as needed in the workshop, depending on the issue that the client wants to resolve.

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Business constellations

Business constellations workshops can present and resolve different business issues such as interpersonal relationships, stress, lack of finances, mobbing, as well as dilemmas about choosing jobs or employees, along with many others. Business constellations can provide new insights and suggest what success awaits us and where.

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Sports constellations

Sports constellations can present and resolve different sports issues such as relationships between athletes and coaches, stress, anxiety, inadequate income, and dilemmas about choosing a team or a country to pursue a career, as well as many other issues with coaches, sports injuries, etc.

Every issue has a solution

Day after day, the pace of modern life brings about more issues and crucial dilemmas that we need to resolve quickly, and all that results in trauma and confusion on personal, familial, and professional levels.


Available solutions

The world around us is a big system made up of an infinite number of smaller systems that interact with one another


The most important system

Of all the systems we belong to, the most important one is our family


Systemic constellations

Systemic constellations are an energy method that can solve different types of issues



Studying with the region’s best and most notable constellators, I have developed an approach and style that I use when I facilitate constellations. My learning and participation in systemic constellations started at the end of 2003, and to date I have facilitated around 100 of my own and took part in more than 1200 constellations. The vast experience was precisely what inspired me to start conducting constellations workshops.


has a solution

Relationship problems, stress, money, weight, and other issues point to an energy blockage. In many cases, that major blockage is rooted in the family — at times even distant ancestors — and often repeated from one generation to the next.


From another angle

If you have been trying to resolve your issue to no avail for a long time, you are welcome to attend the systemic constellations workshop, where we work to pinpoint the root cause and examine it from a different angle, leading to the resolution in a different way.

The Workshops

The systemic constellations workshops conducted in group settings and centred around energy and experience. Participation in the workshops is voluntary and responsible, and in them we gain new insights. Systemic constellations are not a substitute for psychotherapy or medical treatment. Every participant assumes personal responsibility for their personal process, the level of their participation, as well as the effects of their work.